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JSC "IEC" is an independent expert company which offers our customers from all over Russia a package of services: volume measurement and lumber quality, evaluation of lumber, inventory, loading and unloading supervision. A fully Russian owned company, "IEC" was founded in 2001 and is nowadays operating in various towns of the Russian Federation, with a team of well- trained experts working for it.

Our company competence confirmed by International certificates.
For the first time russian company practice in lumber independant examination took out the Certificate of Confirmity of qality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.
Besides it JSC "IEC" have an international certificate of quality management system IQNet.

The range of "IEC"'s inspection activity depend on the nature and the amount of work being carried out and on significance of equipment and services connected with it.

JSC "IEC" offers the following services:


"IEC" deals with all sorts of lumber. We inspect at all stages of production, export, and transportation and at local levels. The company's inspection activity presents objective evidence and hard data concerning the quantity and quality of the purchased lumber and its compliance with the product delivery papers. Such inspection can be carried out where it is most necessary: at an enterprise, in a warehouse, in a port or in any other place if requested by a customer.

Owing to our knowledge as well as to our comprehension of local peculiarities we are capable of conducting measurements and transferring information and research results for all types of timber products in accordance with Russian and international standards.

"IEC" operates twenty- four hours a day without days off and all over Russia. We offer a reliable service and a unique flexibility allowing performing of multiple tasks immediately.

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