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Inspection of lumber prior to loading

Quality evaluation

Volume measurement and quality evaluation of round lumber by the piece

Measuring every single log is the most accurate way of volume measurement and quality evaluation of lumber. Such inspection is more time consuming and requires more equipment, however it results in detailed information about sizes and quality of raw materials. It is mostly reusable assortments assigned for shelling, planning and saw-timber making that are subjected to such measurements. "IEC" carries out volume measurement and quality evaluation of logs by the piece in accordance with standards of the Russian Federation and other countries, including GOSTs, OSTs, RD, VMR, HUBER.

Measurement of lumber in batches

Unlike measurements by the piece this method helps to inspect lumber quickly, cheaply and with adequate accuracy. Mainly round lumber intended for cellulose and wood-pulp making is subjected to these methods. Our company carries out inspection of lumber loaded on all modes of transport in accordance with Russian and international standards.

Volume measurement and quality evaluation of pulp chips

"IEC" is substantially involved in inspection of pulp chips. "IEC" measures the volume of chips loaded on vehicles, railroad cars and boats, evaluates quality and compliance with standards.

Inspection of saw-timber

"IEC" possesses relevant experience required for the quality check of saw-timber. Compliance with size and humidity requirements, quality performance of saw-timber are checked during the inspection.

Warehouse inventory

Various situations demand independently carried out inventory of the lumber warehouse. "IEC" carries out full-length inventory, provides detailed reports on the quality and volume of lumber, supplies layout charts and photographs of measured piles.

Volume measurement of piled wood chips, bark, saw dust, etc.

There is a question that occurs often: what's the amount of wood chips left in the yard? We determine the volume of piles through tacheometric survey of the pile surface and subsequent data processing using special software. Modern equipment that defines volume of piles quickly and accurately is used for conducting the measurement.

Day and night acceptance of lumber on the territory of plants acting as independent supervisors

A successful work of a huge pulp-and-paper mill or of a medium sized timber processing enterprise is largely determined by the economical use of raw materials. This is not possible without accurately functioning mechanisms of supervision of lumber delivery. "IEC" organizes stations of acceptance that operate day and night and accept raw materials arriving at the plant. Special-purpose electronic database registering lumber deliveries on all modes of transportation, provides on-line information about arrival of raw materials, analyses deliveries and processes statistical data. Today JSC "IEC" carries out acceptance of all lumber arriving at the largest pulp-and-paper mills in Russia.

Check measurement of lumber batches

Conflicts that occur between suppliers and customers as well as while dealing with customs happen quite often in the lumber trade. Any time our experts are ready to come on a site and provide a competent quality evaluation and volume measurement of a lumber batch.

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