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Information became a commodity in the market economy. Its reception, storage and use obey the laws of commodity-money relations. Information, nowadays, is regarded as one of the most important resource of an enterprise. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to note that the ability to use this resource efficiently determines the ability of that enterprise to survive in the competitive environment.

When recording movements of lumber one often has to work with the data from different sources, each of those sources being quite specific. Dedicated software is required for coordination of all the data.

The software unites information from different sources in one relational database. Created forms, queries and reports allow updating data quickly and efficiently, receiving answers to questions, searching for necessary data, analysing data, writing reports, building graphs and drawing up expertise statements.

Specialists from "IEC" developed software registering and recording the data concerning the movement of lumber by all modes of transportation. This database is a flexible software, which can be adapted to local conditions. Exact and timely information about quantity and quality of arrived lumber will increase productive efficiency.

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