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Organization of lumber movement

Establishing the system recording movement of lumber

Some enterprises in the timber processing industry are interested in establishing their own system recording movement of lumber.

"IEC" can offer a package of services aimed at creating of such a system

Development of measurement methods at a specific establishment

Competent work of the acceptance division largely depends on the structure and development of measurement methods at an enterprise. Using its own experience "IEC" will create organizational plan of acceptance, taking into account local peculiarities and methods of measurements.

Arranging of workplaces

Providing workplaces with adequate equipment is another important issue. Each workplace must be equipped in compliance with tasks being accomplished. Our qualified personnel will assist in this matter, too.

Staff training in the field of lumber measurement

Acceptance of lumber is by no means possible without trained personnel. "IEC" developed a special training programme. Future acceptance division staff will take a course of theory and attend practical classes followed by a number of tests verifying their theoretical and practical knowledge.

Setting up electronic database of movement of lumber

Setting up of electronic database of lumber delivery will allow:
  • To have on-line information about movements of lumber
  • To supervise loading and unloading of lumber at enterprises
  • To have on-line information about remainder in the warehouse
  • To plan organizing of warehouses and delivery of lumber to production


Organizing of internal control

There are various supervision systems that control the work of acceptance division and promote objective appraisal of raw materials. We created and tested several systems that definitely will be offered to a customer.

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